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Background of Director

– Mweru Jonny

Hello everyone my name is  Mweru Jonny and what you are  reading now is my short story about my life. You may be asking yourself, “Why at my  young age, I decided to open up an organization?”  Here is the answer. I grew up in a very poor family where my dad had many wives and we never received good, better & quality education.  In all my days of life I used to wonder and asked myself why  doesn’t  God answer my prayers and send me someone to help me with my struggles, as my mother had me and my sister, Sadly she passed on and I was left alone to suffer with no parental love, guidance and effort, therefore when I grew up I wanted to change my hometown, get rich and move on which I later realized wasn’t the solution. I never had much but I got a small job and started changing my own hometown slowly by slowly, and now this is where I am. “My passion is to give & help, because I know how it feels to be helpless”